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Tulsi Holy Basil

Tulsi Holy Basil

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41.58 Dhs
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Tulsi is the Sanskrit name of the “Holy Basil” plant grown in India, it isn’t anything like the basil we know here in the west, and is actually part of the mint family. Widely consumed throughout India (much more than coffee!), many families grow their own tulsi plants. A healing balm for the mind and body; tulsi is not only a delicious herbal tea, but wonderful in blends. It has a unique fresh flavor- similar to mint, liquorice, or clove, and pairs well with floral and fresh flavors.

Our Tulsi Holy Basil is 100% pure and organic, and grown and harvested in the traditional manner in India. Used traditionally in Ayurvedic Medicine as an anti-stress healing herb, meaning that it is anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant. More research is needed to help us understand the benefits of consuming tulsi tea regularly, but it has been shown to promote cardiovascular health, protect the body at a cellular level, helps people reach a healthy weight, protects against unwanted bacterial growth, and cures respiratory disease like colds, cough, and congestion.

While it boasts incredible benefits, tulsi tea is not recommended for pregnant women or nursing moms.

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by Michael Henry
April 2023
I have bought this wonderful tea from other suppliers but yours has been the best quality. Very happy it is back in stock.
by Jimbo Garrison
January 2022
Fabulous quality Tulsi. It's been out of stock for months, hope it's back soon!
by Sc
August 2021
I have been buying this tea from Amazon until the retailer (not Tealyra) increased their price dramatically. I shopped around for days and Tealyra was the best price and quality for this tea. This is a staple in my family and like other reviews it is mild, refreshing and calming. I have a stressful job and love to have a cup of this wonderful tea at the end of the day and sometimes again before bed. It pairs well with other mild herbal teas like camomile and Ive tried it with a tiny bit of lavender too. I buy this tea in bulk and find myself sharing it with friends and family in the hope they too enjoy the benefits. Thank you Tealyra.
by Eric Maxfield
July 2021
I just tried this and kind of interesting. The dominant flavour seems to be something like oregano and maybe a little hint of mint for me, but its mild and pleasant. I don't know much about health benefits or any of that, but just nice to have mellow caffeine free afternoon tea once in a while and this gives a nice alternative to chamomile. Something tells me that this is basically a bulk commodity herb and probably it could be found much cheaper through other channels rather than a premium tea retailer, but as a baseline its good to try from a reliable source and see if a cheaper source tastes as good.
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