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About Tealyra

We dreamt of a place that tea lovers, connoisseurs, and amateurs alike could come together to explore the world of tea. Inspired by pure passion and a respect for authenticity, Tealyra was born. We strive to be a company that will provide you with what you're looking for, help you learn something new, try something new, and discover something new about the second most consumed beverage in the world.

In 2010, Tealyra (Thelux LLC) was birthed out of admiration and absolute love for all things tea. We started by creating unique blends using the finest quality teas and ingredients, after trial and error, tasting and testing our blends were absolutely delectable! We believe tea brings people together, it can bring a moment of calm to your day when you need it, the health properties tea is known for, or a boost of energy during your midday slump… we are firm believers that herbs as medicine are not only powerful, but they also work!

We take pride in our high standard of quality; offering authentic true teas direct from origin, organic exclusives, a broad variety, and our own unique blends- created by innovation and the promise to deliver excellence in serving you our finest products.

We are a team of tea lovers! Our hands are matcha-stained; we drink tea, touch tea, talk tea and study tea- all day. From our founders, to those of us who pack your online orders and greet you at our store front location, we sincerely share your passion for tea and stand behind our product to offer you the best there is.

We thank you for choosing Tealyra, we are honored to serve you, and share our passion for tea and excellence with you!

What is Tealyra?

TealyraWe proudly stand out as a shining star in the galaxy of tea!

Our name Tealyra represents what we believe to be the brightest set of stars in the tea world, our vast collection of the best teas- our very own "tea constellation" as it were. Lyra, a famous constellation, is one of the 88 constellations recognized by the International Astronomical Union, and is incredibly bright.

In Greek Mythology, Lyra represents the tortoise shell lyre of Orpheus, who was a famous musician and poet. Orpheus was known for his incredible musical talent and his ability to charm even the stones with his beautiful music. When he died, his lyre was thrown into a river and Zeus sent an eagle to retrieve the lyre and placed both of them permanently in the sky.

Take some time to gaze upon our beautiful constellation of teas and let us charm you with our incredible ability to provide you with the world's best tea, with out of this world customer service!


"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet".

We apologize for any confusion to our loyal and long term customers, we are the same company under the same ownership. When we started our company in 2010 we started as out as Tealux, and officially changed our name to Tealyra in 2014. Nothing changes in regards to the core values of our company; we remain loyal to our roots, our passion for tea, excellence in customer service and high level of product quality. The general business terms, sales and delivery system, as well as the address and contact information remain unchanged.

We are now Tealyra, please use our new company name in all correspondence from now on. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions at

Best Customers in the World

From our home base outside of Montreal, Canada, all the way to (believe it or not) China itself, to Southern California, small Cree communities in Northern Quebec to all over Europe, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and beyond, we have the best customers in the world, from all over the world!

We are proud to provide a globally minded business, and global diversity in product. Tea truly represents the peoples and cultures of the world, and is in our opinion the best way to explore different cultures and different ways of life right where you are, wherever you are!

Our shipping and return policy are a guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase. Our high quality products, wide variety of the best loose teas and tea accessories mean that Tealyra is your one stop shop for all your tea brewing needs.

Thank you for choosing Tealyra, we have the best customers in the world!

Widest Selection of Tea and Accessories

Raw and cooked pu'erh, black, Chinese green, Japanese green, yellow, oolong, delicate white, matcha, rooibos, mate, herbal infusions, pure herbal teas, fruit teas, and even kid friendly caffeine-free fruity blends- we offer it all.

We are constantly striving to provide you with the best tea this year has to offer. Trends come and go, but authenticity in tea will stand the test of time. We offer close to 300 types of loose tea, and are regularly updating our stock, sampling new crops, and creating new blends. We get so excited when we discover something new, and are proud of our exclusive line which even features small batch, limited edition white tea from Japan!

We respect the traditional and centuries-old methods and offer beautiful cast iron teapots, whole aged pu'erh cakes, and the accessories necessary to correctly prepare Japanese matcha.

We also respect the fact that not everyone can carve out time during the day to have a tea drinking experience that demands the focus and time it takes to use a Japanese matcha whisk, or yixing teapot, and we offer practical accessories to make drinking your tea an easy addition to your busy daily life. We offer a wide variety of steeping tools, thermos options, mugs, cups and teapots.

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