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Pure Guayusa

Pure Guayusa

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South America
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Looking for a clean alternative to coffee, sweets or energy drinks for your mid-afternoon energy slump? Guayusa comes to the rescue!

Guayusa is a highly-caffeinated leaf from South America drank as an alternative to coffee and energy drinks, since it contains theobromine, commonly found in chocolate, and L-theanine, a glutamic acid found in green tea that has been shown to reduce physical and mental stress. Traditionally, the Ecuadorian Kichwa people would boil guayusa leaves in water and drink the resulting beverage for its stimulative effects.

Studies show that Guayusa has double the number of antioxidants of green tea, which bring a wonderful balance to the caffeine content naturally present in the leaf (equal to the amount in a cup of brewed coffee).

Guayusa’s flavor is similar to South American Yerba Mate. It is subtle tasting, with zero bitterness and has a mild sweet taste, a smooth body and a mineral-like slight earthy finish.

Brew our rich Guayusa straight, or make your own punchy Guayusa Latte by adding some steamed milk of choice (almond and coconut milk make for a fantastic choice!).

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Guayusa leaf C/S cut
by Lisa Clermont
June 2023
I love guayusa, plain or in a blend version. For some reason I've had a hard time finding it in most tea companies, don't know why, it's such a nice flavour on its own and full of health benefits. Tealyra is my new favorite tea supplier beacause it carries guayusa and nice pu-erhs.
by Kamielle
September 2022
This is my absolute favourite tea and has been for many years. Guayusa has such a nice smooth flavour, no matter how long you steep it for. I drink 2-3 mugs of it every day. The company I used to buy it from discontinued selling it. I was so lucky to find Tealyra and am much happier purchasing my tea here. Every time I order, my tea arrives in only a couple of days, if that. The tea is always fresh and fragrant.
by Adrienn Edwards
February 2021
This tea is AMAZING. It will give you all the effects of a cup of coffee without all the edge of it. Makes me feel awake and sharp but without overworking my heart and giving me the feeling that my body is trying really hard to keep me awake. I just feel natural and alert without feeling run down. highly recommended for everyone.
by Patricia Lewis
February 2020
I've been ordering repeatedly from Tealyra this guayusa tea. This is the best supplier of tea that I've found. The tea is beautifully packaged, each package being not too large so that when you open a new one the fragrance and freshness is always evident. Other suppliers, in my experience, don't provide this standard. Shipping is timely as well.
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