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Jade Green

Jade Green

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17.50 Dhs
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Jade Green tea is a luxury organic Chinese green tea grown in the Pu’er region of Yunnan Province, Southwest China. Our fine Jade Green tea was processed with minimal handling- from handpicking to rolling and drying; these fine leaves are handled as little as possible to ensure the freshest taste possible. The artisan process allows the leaves to keep their fresh and vibrant jade color.

Once steeped, the full vibrant taste is followed by a smooth, flowery, and long-lasting sweetness, a vegetal “green” body, and finishes with a silky mouthfeel. Our organic Jade Green tea is a delicious example of a luxury Chinese green tea that will delight the eyes and senses with each and every sip.

How to make
a perfect cup of tea
1 TSP or 1 BAG
3 - 3.5 min
Green tea
Lynn Falvey
June 2023
Best product for the money. It’s the only tea I drink now. I am especially fond of the lychee jasmine green tea. Lots of flavor. I have been a customer over 2 years and always get the same quality when I reorder every month. Real tea drinkers know this is great company. Never had any issues. They return calls immediately if I mess up an order. What else can you ask for?
Troy Dawson
December 2022
I can believe this time tea doesn’t have better reviews. I order this tea a couple of months, genuinely had low expectations since it’s on the cheaper side. I couldn’t have been more wrong. This is without a doubt the best tea for its price here at Tealyra. Even if it were 4 times the price it would still be a great deal. This tea is sweet, lightly savory filled with delicious honey and flowers notes that will reach throughout you home. No bitterness or astringency, and it last for many infusions gong tu, for me 7-8. I cannot recommend this tea enough. For anyone new into tea, this is the perfect introduction to green tea. You will be amazed at this quality, even when compared with other greens here at Tealyra.
Heather Barrett
March 2022
A deliciously smooth and light green tea, with subtle floral and grassy notes. Easy to drink and enjoy, good for the afternoons if you want something lighter to drink. Definitely a new staple in my tea collection!
Becky M
July 2021
OK, this tea deserves a review. This is an amazingly smooth tea, with sweet undertones that linger for quite a long time. The longer this tea sits, the better the undertone and the richer the tea. I add some of this to the osmanthus oolong to perk it up, but it stands up on its own as well.
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